Directed by Sandra Manzanares

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Cold Sweat is a chilling coming-of-age anthology series about making it to high school in one piece.
In our first chapter, “Wham!”, Aquila and Sadiquah are two of the best students at 362 MLK Middle School. But when their classmates begin to break out into mysterious rage episodes, the uninfected will have to find the courage to save their school. And their future.


Director Biography – Sandra Manzanares

Sandra Manzanares is an Afro-Latina writer from Boston. She has an undergraduate degree in English and American Studies from Wesleyan University. She recently received her Master’s degree from New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study, where she developed her own interdisciplinary curriculum in “The Art & Science of Storytelling.” Her thesis focused on the intersection of racial trauma and comedy on television. In 2017, Sandra wrote her first short film Like Fine Silk, whichshe co-directed and co-produced. It has since been an official selection at over 10 film festivals nationally. Sandra has a professional background in marketing, publishing, and blogging, and has worked on a variety of film and web series sets as an Assistant Director, Producer, Casting and Talent Director, Production Coordinator, and Script Supervisor. She is currently based in Brooklyn, NY.


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