We Don’t Play

Directed by Daniel Osorio

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We Don’t Play by SouthBayCutz is a new wave in the south bay (East Side San Jose, CA) of young, innovative Chicano Hip-Hop, where the hyphy and bay area swagger meets the hood. Catchy hooks and flows are abundant, and where bottom line lyrics matter, to give a new fresh long-awaited sound back into Hip-Hop for the radio and for the streets!

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Director Biography – Daniel Osorio

Born and raised in East San Jose, Daniel is a graduate of Santa Clara University with a B.A. in Communication. He has 18+ years Directing/Producing films and Music Videos as well as being on various production teams in different capacities during that same time span.

“SouthBayCutz” is a group comprised of young Chicano Hip-Hop Artists in the Bay Area in which Daniel Directs/Produces music videos as well as serving as their manager for concert tours and promotional bookings. Music videos for “We Don’t Play” and “Come Getcha Hoe” are featured singles off their debut album that has a tentative release date of December 2020.

Daniel has also Directed/Produced the award-winning music videos “The Message” and “Stand Up!” Two powerful songs that inspire our urban Chicano communities to rise above injustice and fight violence with acts of non-violence. They are both featured on the “East Side Hero” soundtrack that is a part of the upcoming motion picture project “East Side Hero” due to begin production in the Fall of 2021.

“East Side Hero” his most recent short film debuted in November 2017 to a sold-out house (530+ seats) and has given us a platform to create a full-length feature film in East San Jose, something that has never been done before.

“Lowriding in Aztlan” was his biggest success as the film garnered much praise nationally and eventually was distributed nationwide by Code Black Entertainment (now Code Black Films/a division of Lions Gate)

Daniel’s mission with all his film projects is to encourage people from diverse, low-income backgrounds to strive for success, inspire creativity and promote education through film entertainment, mentorship programs, and community service.

Director Statement

The mission of “East Side Hero” and our projects is to serve as a tool to relate to the lives of low-income at-risk youth in underserved schools and neighborhoods.  Our goal is to inspire our targeted youth to have more positive decision making and resolutions to challenging life situations.

Our Mission:
– To empower low income at risk youth in urban communities especially those who attend underserved schools
– To disrupt the generational cycle of violence between Latino communities in Northern California
– To show youths that it is possible to break free from the limitations being imposed on their identity from the time they are born.


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