This short film will screen with other short films in Block 2 | Excursions in Arte
Friday, December 9th at 2pm
Palm Springs Art Museum. Palm Springs, California.
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Composed of intimate interviews, VISIONS is kaleidoscopic portrait of three artists. A first-generation Congolese-American illustrator, a Chicanx musician and a Vietnamese visual and textile artist. A hypnotic short documentary, that explores their journeys and focuses on the elation of these creatives making their art.

Director Biography – Karina Lomelin Ripper

Karina Lomelin Ripper is a first-gen Mexican-American director, who’s films often explore bicultural points of view. Her most recent short documentary LA TIENDA, received a Vimeo Staff Pick (2020).

She was also awarded a spot at the Eastern Oregon Filmmaker Residency (2021), where she wrote a feature length script that is currently in development.

Director Statement

VISIONS came out of a fever dream of wanting to see films about other first-gen artists. Exploring how they coexist in two worlds and how their culture influences their art. I chose to weave a tapestry of their intimate stories that culminates in a fever pitch of emotive impression. Opting for an ending steeped in elation and a celebration of what it feels like to create ones art.

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