Visions Of A Kill Shot Directed By Ricardo Ramirez

This movie will be played on:

2019 BLOCK B

4:00PM – 6:00PM




VISIONS OF A KILL SHOT is a coming of age story about a young handball player, Danny, who in his prime is tragically affected by an event from his childhood. Relentless fear of the unknown forces Danny to make a big decision in his life. Yet, with a strong yearning to do what is right, Danny is re-awakened by a mysterious figure that has always been in his life. The Spirit of Handball proves to be the beacon of hope that will finally lift the veil of mystery that has forever haunted Danny.

Director Biography – Ricardo Ramirez

Ricardo Ramirez is a creative intuitive artist, who began his passion for the arts in his early teens. Some of his younger artworks / awards are in poetry (a book of poems of Native / Indigenous Heritage), photography and in abstract painting. In college he explored his journalistic side of storytelling with images, then soon becoming the photo editor at his college. During college Ricardo explored with other art forms, which lead him to discovered what he was capable of and decided to pursue a career in film. Ricardo learned video editing, screenwriting and all aspects of production which gave Ricardo the knowledge and confidence to go out in the world in search of his dreams.

Ricardo Ramirez begun his freelance career in production while still in college. Founder of Video & Film Solutions in 2006 he had accomplish to stand ahead of his class from starting as production assistant to being hired to film behind the scenes, producing / directing music videos to editing films and working as a camera operator for live shows. As Ricardo Ramirez achieved his goals and passion in film/video he became more self-aware of the Latino stories not being told or produced in the film industry.

In recent years Ricardo Ramirez join a private screenwriting group. There Ricardo, enhanced his storytelling skills that have empowered him to write and focus on universal Latino, Indigenous, Native American stories. His two main objectives now are writing feature length scripts and directing films. “Our stories are original and our heroes are victorious. It’s time to shad light on the darkness” – Ricardo Ramirez

Director Statement

What attracted me to direct this underdog universal story of American Handball was that it was written by a Native American who’s scripted allowed me to expand and explore more of issues/struggles we still face today. From broken families to abortion and resentment to overcoming stereotypes. This story is about core values and the hardship cycle that can be broken.

For some a broken family is all they know, which will have a big impact on who they will become. Learning to trust and letting go of their resentment will become an ongoing situation. Sooner or later they will figure it out, what doesn’t kill them will make them stronger.

We teach our children that giving life is one of the most important experience and blessing one can achieve. Society also preaches the idea that unplanned parenthood is a dream taker. Nothing can take our dreams away, as long as we don’t give up on ourselves. Family is one of the most beautiful things one can ever achieve. Coming from a big family who has broken into various industries I understand team work and passion to overcome anything that life may through at us.

Lastly, what attracted me to the film was the ability to directly work with Latinos cast and crew members to bring this story to life. Many Latinos in film are overly play out with stereotypes and don’t have the ability to play positive leading roles. As the director of this film it gives me a great pleasure and honor to have brought this story to life and the ability to create more universal Latino, Indigenous and Native American stories for everyone to cherish.

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