Venus de Macho

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Venus de Macho is a spicy American Latinx gender role reversal comedy about men looking for love, respect and support in a bizarre matriarchal world that very much reflects the patriarchy and machismo that has plagued our community. A roller coaster of laughs by emerging American Latinx Comedic Talent.

Director Biography – Danny Hastings

Danny Hastings comedy career began when he directed a Live Comedy DVD series for Image Entertainment called “The Comedy Jump Off”. The series featured 16 diverse American Stand Up Comedians performances and some sketch comedy. He love the process so much he decided to study comedy moving forward. Danny joined UCB in 2015 and has advanced to top level courses in sketch and improv. At the UCB Training Center, he learned the art of writing a sketch and performing live improv. He has performed hundreds of times along side New York City mavericks of comedy. His first comedic feature film The Love Potion, was on several Film Festival including the prestigious HBO NY Latino Film Festival, The Friars Club Comedy Film Festival and CineFestival amongst others. His first hilarious romantic comedy was licensed to MTV3 and Cinelatino. He currently finished working on his sophomore comedy feature named Venus de Macho, a hilarious Role Reversal film to be submitted to festivals in 2019.

Director Statement

I grew up surrounded by women. From my abuela, to my mother, sisters, cousins and tia’s, I was outnumbered…in a good way. When you are raised by strong Latinas, you see the world different, they taught me to work hard, to respect women and all humans and instilled core fundamental values in me. I grew up to become a man raised by women. But growing up, I realized that not all men thought like me. Too many of us straight men, of all races, engage in chauvinism, sexism, homophobia, and we are so condescending to women publicly, at home, in the work force and in general, consciously and sometimes subconsciously. I constantly questioned, what if all of this was the opposite? What if the traditional roles were reverse and “Venus de Macho” was born. It was born as an experiment and developed into a feature that has a very important lesson for men. It puts things into perspective and I hope that through the gift of laughter, young men will become more kind and treat women equal. Our forefathers did a horrible job doing so and I would like to contribute to change that, my movie helps to move the conversation forward. I am 100% convinced that women will save the world that men are currently destroying. #thefutureisfemale

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