Trevian – Till They’re Back


A teenager tries to cope with the loss of his parents who were deported back to their native country. The teenage visits a psychologist provided by the government to help him through the difficult time, but lashes out when he realizes the psychologist doesn’t understand or care about the struggle he is enduring.

Director’s Biography

Matthew Baquero is a telecommunications student at the University of Florida. He has a passion for combing the mediums of music and film to create powerful messages. Upon graduating, he wishes to get into the entertainment industry in hopes of collaborating with other creative minds and having his work reach out to people across the globe.

Director Statement

My work is a reflection of everything I see happening around me. In an era where we struggle with the ongoing issue of division, I am dedicated to creating art that will shed light on these issues in hopes of opening the minds and spread the message of love to all.

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