Welcome to the 7th Annual Official Latino Film and Arts Festival. Due to COVID-19 health concerns this year all screenings will happen online, right here at OfficialLatino.com.

Below there’s two options to buy tickets.

Option 1 Single Pass or Option 2 Movie Buff Pass. If you are here to support a particular film, Option 1 is the way to go. If you want to have access to all the films of the festival then Option 2 is your best bet.

The festival will run during the weekend of November 26-30, 2021. During this weekend you will be able to watch over 100 short films written, directed or produced by Latinx Filmmakers here in the U.S.A. Movie Buff Pass holders will be able to watch until December 15th.

All these films are eligible to win awards for different Categories at the 2021 Official Latino Film and Arts Festival Awards Ceremony that will happen in New York City (Invite Only).

Ticket holders can also vote their favorite film and help a film win the audience award. The film screenings are private and the ticket buyer must register for the festival to be able to watch the films.

Because these are short films, the films are divided and grouped into 15 blocks of films. So if you are interested in supporting a particular film, find the film on the link below, click on its title and that will take you to the film’s page where you can buy the block for the film.

To learn more about each film click here: https://officiallatino.com/2021-official-selections/


This pass includes:

Access to One Block of Films of your choice.

Access to the Q&A for that Film Block.

Vote for favorite film for that block.

To choose this pass first choose the movie you want to watch here,

then click on the title of the film and that will take you to the registration page for the block that include that film.



This pass is great for our Latinx movie fans that are dying to see themselves represented in films produced here in the U.S.A. by Latinx Filmmakers.

This pass includes:

Watch all the films

Have live access to all the Q&A’s of Each Block.

Vote for favorite film of any and every block.

The movie Buff Pass will remains active until December 15th, 2021, so the ticket holder can watch all the films.



The 2021 Official Latino Film Festival GALA Award Ceremony will take place in New York City, November 30th 2021.

INVITE ONLY.   More information coming soon.

This pass includes:

One entrance and Dinner for the Gala at the Award Ceremony in New York City.

November 30th, 2021.