The Vlogs of a Fallen Influencer

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Social media personality Dawn, reveals that her online life is a sham and decides to put her digital life to an end. She starts by uploading three videos across all platforms and airs her dirty laundry, for her five million followers to see.

898ab4286b headshotDirector Biography – Stephanie Terrero, Richard Nieves

Stephanie Terrero is a New York based Dominican actress, writer, producer and director. She launched her production company Last Laugh Productions NYC (trademarked) in 2020, created 5 short films, 1 web series, and 2 television pilots within the last 6 months. She has several projects on her development slate as well, with the goal of putting underrepresented communities on a bigger platform.

Richard Nieves is a New York based Puerto Rican Director of Photography and photographer. He shot and co-directed and this web miniseries. His Instagram is @rich_photog








Director Statement

At Last Laugh Productions NYC we champion diversity. I’m proud to say all projects we’ve created have been with an extremely diverse cast and crew, from pre production to post production. Underrepresented voices hold power in our productions.

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