Directed by Alex Armando Torres

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A woman wakes up to find she’s trapped, held captive by a mysterious figure. Only by recalling her memories can she hope to escape.

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Director Biography – Alex Armando Torres

Alex Armando began his venture into film making as storyist for Sci-fi Fantasy screenplay “Children of Sin”, which placed as a quarter finalist in the Lonestar Screen Writing competition. Afterwards, he became the Executive Producer for sci-fi short thriller: Heroes. This Sci-Fi short was accepted in several festivals. Heroes placed as a monthly finalist in Kevin Smith’s film festival competition, View Askew. As a writer, he wrote an LGBT dramatic screenplay, Letting Go, which placed as a finalist in the TeaDance Gay & Lesbian Film Festival in 2014.

Alex Armando made his directorial debut on horror short, Darker, which was accepted in close to 50 film festivals worldwide and earned him many nominations and awards including Best Director and Best Horror Short.

He was also the producer/first AD on several speculative commercials/PSA’s and shorts. Alex Armando produced his first feature length film, Nemesis which has won and placed as a finalist for best screenplay in many screenplay festivals. It was recently picked up by Random Media and released September 22, 2020 on several streaming services such as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and VUDU in the US, the United Kingdom and Germany as well as Cable Stations like DirecTV and InDemand.

He also recently wrote, produced and directed a short Horror/Thriller short (The Nothing), which is currently underway in the film festival circuit 2020 and has won the Audience Choice as well as Best Director, and Best Horror Short at several film festivals.

Alex Armando Torres was born and raised in NYC, child of Puerto Rican parents Virgen Bracero and Armando Torres.

Director Statement

When it comes to some things in life, I am definitely an example of a late bloomer. I fell in love with film from an early age and have been taking pictures ever since I was a boy. Now, I make photographs and create films. I interpret a film as a work of art.

I have always been fascinated by film and images, whether movies or photography. I am always amazed and interested in other people’s view points as captured and expressed in film; so much so that when I was young I started to create my own work.

If there is one idea I would like to leave you with, it is this: A deeper understanding that beauty is everywhere, in everyday experiences; like helping a stranger, smelling a beautiful flower, drinking a cup of coffee or holding hands with someone you love. Capture this on film and you may just be able to move the world or at the very least touch a life.

All of these experiences can represent tremendous beauty in the world. When I come upon an idea or subject that I find beautiful and snap a photograph or make a film, I capture that moment of beauty that lasted for a brief moment in time, but is now captured on film, to be immortalized forever.

This particular work, The Nothing, came about as the sad results of having quite a few family members pass away, a couple by their own design. Being raised a Catholic, the remnants of guilt and whether these loved ones experience hell still remain. I wanted to create world world, if given a chance, we could experience our own version of an afterlife, one of our own true design.

I hope you enjoy my work and that it inspires you to be beautiful in your own way. Thank you.

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