The Bank

This short film will screen with other short films in Block 9 | CHEEZTOSOS(TM) COMEDY JAM 
Saturday, December 10th at 8pm
Palm Springs Art Museum. Palm Springs, California.
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The Bank series takes an up close look at the eccentric and sometimes chaotic workings of a Cryobank often referred to as a Sperm Bank. The Genesis Group is located in Southern California and the founder believes that the sperm banking business is like the California Gold Rush! And success is all about making deposit after deposit.

Director Biography – Sean Martinez

Sean Martinez isn’t just a Director and Producer, but a true filmmaker. Martinez is able to visualize and execute any project, bringing his visions to life and transporting the audience to a different world. Whether he’s walking into a room or a table read, his warm and charismatic personality earns the respect of his peers and crew members. Martinez runs his productions like a well oiled machine, with knowledge and understanding of each crew members responsibility, effective communication and respect it allows Martinez’s ideas to run smoothly. Actors and crew are instantly inspired by Martinez and can vividly picture his unique visions.

Director Statement

When developing The Bank I knew I wanted a pure, slapstick style comedy. So, I thought, when was the last time I was genuinely laughing, to the point where my belly hurt, I was immediately transported back to the early 90’s. So I though, “I need to bring it back, but with a modern twist,” so I started with color, to enhance the visual aspect of this new age TV sitcom. Then the characters,I believe every character in  every scene should have a tone that carries a comedic tone.

Not only did the cast embrace their characters, their own personalities enhanced every scene, bringing The Bank to life.

Once the audience gets the chance to embrace these characters, the shows going to be a success. I want the audience to be transported to a world where they don’t have to take things to seriously and I’m doing that with The Bank.

There’s staples in every decade, Married With Children, Home Improvement,Elf, Modern Family, Arrested Development and The Office.

The Bank, will be another one to add. Enjoy the show!

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