2017 OFFICIAL SELECTION | Terminal Legacy: Lost Souls directed by Kazy Tauginas

This Film will be showing in Block 4 as part of the Horror and Sci-Fi Collective.
Friday October 6, 2017 | 8:30 PM – 10:30 PM
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Tracy Kovalsky uncovers a dangerous conspiracy while looking for her missing cousin.


Director Biography

Kazy Tauginas is an actor, writer, producer based in NYC. His first film as a director was “Salvation Road” which won several awards… Trinity Film Coalition Film Festival’s Best Drama
The Director’s Award in North Carolina Film Awards
New York Metropolitan Film Festival’s Honorable Mention



Director Statement

“Terminal Legacy: Lost Souls” is a spin-off of the feature film “Terminal Legacy”. This film was born simply out of an idea for marketing which quickly to a full fledged story. We decided to shoot documentary style to give this film a gritty, realistic flavor. I’m very excited to have shot this film with an incredibly talented cast and crew as my second foray into directing.