Tejano Night

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While out of town at a family gathering in South Texas, an awkward Mexican-American, Mijo, is forced to tag along with his cousin to a local bar after butchering his Spanish pronunciation at dinner.

6c870a6b07 headshotDirector Biography – Alexander Rosales

Alexander is an award winning narrative & commercial director based in his hometown of Austin, TX. Since the age of sixteen, Alexander has found filmmaking as a natural outlet for creativity. He’s drawn to two main items of cinema:. story & cinematics (the latter being the stylistic aesthetics of cinema) which helps illustrate his hypothesis that films and movies are separate avenues of cinema. While pursuing a MFA at the University of Texas at Austin, he’s learning to balance the two in order to shape his voice as a filmmaker. Alexander traveled all over the U.S. and other countries as a freelancer before attending graduate school.

Director Statement

Tejano Night was inspired by an evening I had four years ago at a country western bar on the Northside of Austin, TX. Dozens of Latinx people in cowboy hats and boots mingled and danced around me. I awkwardly stood by as a familiar feeling began to overwhelm me. I felt completely out of place because I am a Latino who can’t speak Spanish, and I’m a horrible dancer.

That night, I sat at the edge of the dance floor, and watched as people enjoyed themselves. I wished that I had the courage to join, but I let fear and imposter syndrome take my hand instead of a dance partner.

I think about that evening a lot. Since then, I’ve realized the only way I know how to confront my shame is by telling a story that could speak to my experiences and those of many fellow Chicanos. My hope is that Mijo’s journey can resonate with anyone who feels like an outsider and to challenge the way Latinx identity is represented on screen, so we are free to dance like no one is watching.

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