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Two Salvadoran women, one a first generation indie-pop singer, and the other an immigrant bathroom attendant at an LA nightclub, bond over their different troubles and their mutual love of music.

Director Biography – Daniel Larios

Daniel is a creative director, writer and producer based in Los Angeles. His second short film MEMORAMA (2019) has played in competition at several festivals, including Paraguay International, Oaxaca International, Ojai Shorts, and Icaro International, where it won 2nd place for Best Fiction Short. Daniel’s first short film DE NADA (2016) premiered at Boston Int. Film Festival. His feature screenplay THE AMBASSADOR was a semi-finalist in Scriptapalooza and Shore Scripts screenplay contest. Daniel has also directed several plays and fashion shows. When he isn’t filmmaking, Daniel enjoys surfing, reading, making cocktails and admiring other people’s cats.

Director Statement

Five years ago in the summer of 2015 I was gloriously drunk in a Koreatown nightclub and ended up in a delightful conversation with the bathroom attendant – he, too, was Salvadoran. That club was called Breakroom 86, and in September 2019, we shot this film, inspired by that night, in that same club.

I am always excited to run into another Salvadoran. But that excitement about connecting over this shared identifier is only deepened by the recognition in the differences between us. Class, gender, privilege, experience navigating white spaces. These are things worth examining and learning, and can only make us stronger as a community. I wanted to tell a story about an immigrant Salvadoran and a first-generation Salvadoran coming to an understanding about their different places in life. And I wanted to do it in a way that, while acknowledging the reality of how hard challenging experiences can be, is ultimately affirming and a celebration of the things we share.

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