Super Ma

Directed by Juan Gil

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A struggling single mother yearns for stability and purpose. Caught in a moment of peril, she must unleash her inner hero and get home safely to her son.

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Director Biography – Juan Gil

Juan Gil is a Colombian/Ecuadorian-American Writer/Director living in Los Angeles. Originally from Houston, Texas, he graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Production and Communication with a certificate in Entertainment Media. He has served as Writer, Director, and 1st Assistant Director for productions within the Assorted Kinds Filmmaking Collective. Juan has also served as a Documentary Filmmaker for the local PBS station in Lubbock, Texas. Juan has received recognition for his productions at festivals such as the Cine SONY Short Film Competition (1st place), the Beverly Hills Film Festival, the Official Latino Film Festival (Finalist), the Short+Sweet Hollywood Film Festival, the World-Fest Houston International Film Festival, the American Advertising Awards (Best of Show), the New York International Film Festival, and many more.

Director Statement

i) The ideation first started with the bravery displayed by James Shaw Jr. This civilian took it upon himself to disarm a gunman during the Nashville Waffle House shooting. A civilian’s act of heroism can have an affect on many lives. The second source of inspiration was my mother. She’s always been there to support me, to instill confidence in me, and push me to be the best possible person. She’s worked hard her entire life and this film goes out to all the hardworking mothers who’ve got it rough.
ii) This project is important because it shows how a simple act of bravery can affect those around you and make you more appreciative of your loved ones. A moment of danger can be life threatening, but if anybody searches deep within oneself, despite everything else going on in one’s life, you can unleash a new level of strength that you didn’t even know existed.
iii) I come from a normal, hardworking, lower middle-class Latino family. Moments of grand triumphs and spectacle came very limited in my life. However, I’ve observed the characteristics, the nuances, and the true beauty of normal, hardworking people. For the majority, most people’s lives are mundane. Most people are flawed and have emotional and financial burdens. It’s beautiful to observe how people thrive and fail in these situations. These victories and failures are what makes us human. Being able to construct a story through visual language is how I’m able to fully process this human progression or declination.
iv) I want to be a narrative feature Director. I want to tell the stories of all backgrounds. Every human has a perspective, every person has their flaws and desires. Some of my influences include Richard Linklater, Paul Thomas Anderson, Martin Scorsese, The Safdie Brothers, Barry Jenkins, and Terrence Malick.
v) I wanted to convey a sense of stillness when we were inside of the mother’s home. This related to her stagnant state of emotion and well-being. But, when we moved inside the corner store, which is the location of the climax, we wanted to be hand held. The reason was so that we could create tension and unease within the scene. Also, the use of the intercut was something that I utilized in order to create a parallel between the little kid’s fictitious comic book drawings and the real moments of danger that were occurring when the antagonist of the film robs the corner store.
vi) My hope is that audiences will be able to connect with the emotional turmoil that the protagonist experiences. I want people to reflect on their relationships with their own mothers and hopefully appreciate them even more.
vii) No.


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