This short film will screen with other short films in Block 2 | Excursions in Arte
Friday, December 9th at 2pm
Palm Springs Art Museum. Palm Springs, California.
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STAINED follows a young teen’s journey in dealing with the lasting effects of sexual assault. As she grows more and more distressed from facing her assaulter every day in class, her trauma-induced anxiety manifests as a handprint stain on her thigh.

Director Biography – Valeria Perez

Valeria Perez is a 19-year-old filmmaker based in Yonkers, NY. Originally from Orlando, FL, Valeria is a self-taught filmmaker who enjoys working in experimental/abstract video, claymation, and documentary. Amongst art, Valeria is passionate about exploring topics such as gender and sexual abuse within their artistic works and creating a platform for conversations.

Between 2018-2021, Valeria worked in the student-led movement, March For Our Lives— organizing call-to-action events to raise awareness for community issues. They have given speeches at the Florida State Capitol, urging Senators to implement gun control legislation. They also spoke on NPR in 2021, advocating for the allocation of state funds to mental health services and restorative justice programs.

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