Remember When

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A 12 year old boy is left with the responsibility of taking care of his rebellious younger sister. Their sibling rivalry is put aside when she goes missing leaving him panicked considering the dangers of this unknown trailer park community.

“Remember When” stars Shakira Barrera from Netflix’s Emmy nominated show GLOW and IT’S BRUNO and Olivia Perez from Warner Bros. IN THE HEIGHTS. It’s written, directed, and co-produced by Paola Ossa, a queer, latinx immigrant, and DGA student award winning filmmaker.

F75b3e5353 headshotDirector Biography – Paola Ossa

Paola Ossa is an award-winning Brooklyn based writer, director, and producer from Colombia. Her film, Catalina, was recognized by the Directors Guild of America where she received an award for “Outstanding Directorial Achievement.” Her latest film, Remember When, starring Shakira Barrera (GLOW), had it’s world premiere at the Oscar-award qualifying film festival Urbanworld. Paola is a 2021 Sundance Ignite Finalist.

Paola is passionate about telling stories of marginalized communities, making social commentary, and capturing women experiences; all of which can be seen in her pipeline of works and future interests.

Aside from directing, Paola enjoys leading the set as an assistant director for feature films, music videos, and commercials. When she’s not on set, photography and traveling the world scouting sites are her other passions.

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