Who is on our poster?

The poster honors our freedom fighters, our women filmmakers and our Latina, Black and Indigenous women.

This year our festival has more women directors than men directors so the image we choose fits the movement of The Guerrilla Filmmakers.

Carmen Robles, was not a Guerrilla Filmmaker, she was a fighter for real. She participated in several battles during the Mexican Revolution lead by Zapata.  She became a Colonel during her active years.

Legends say she would go into the battle field with a gun in one hand and a cigar on the other.


Poster Creative direction by @dannyhastings and Illustrated by @phil_to_tha_e

A black woman freedom fighter from Mexico. There is very little written about her.

We already know how our countries did not include AfroLatinos or Indigenous in history books, no different than here. Erase completely from history, but we are our Ancestors Wildest Dreams.

So, she is a symbol of freedom fighting, leadership and we parallel that with the erasure we are going through today in the U.S. with Latinos in Media in general.

Her image is a perfect balance for both men and women.

She has both masculine and feminine energy, she is a hero and represents both women and men.

Below are some official links where you can find a little more about her.


La revolucionaria mexicana Carmen Amelia Robles Ávila, se conocía como Coronel Robles.

Perteneció al Ejército Libertador del Sur, de Emiliano Zapata.

The Zapatista Colonel Carmen Robles and some of her men, photographed in 1913. The Zapatistas were relatively accepting of female participation in their revolutionary movement.