Pay It Forward in Death

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Pay It Forward in Death is an episodic web series of three young women living in NYC taking matters into their own hands as they get rid of those they deem unfit. They are brought together by trauma & grief. They have suffered under the hands of someone and they find solace in each other as well as an unknown Radio Host.

Director Biography – Maria Palacio

Maria Palacio is a Brooklyn based filmmaker & photographer who not only has written stories for Latina women but was inspired through her own experience as an up-and-coming filmmaker to create a forum to nurture other emerging artists in the field by establishing Revolution Me Film Festival in 2016. With the experience in assisting the coordination for the Big Mini Media Film Festival at Long Island University during her graduate tenure, she used the skills and knowledge in turning the Revolution Me Film Festival into an annual event, attracting filmmakers from all over the world.

Maria has written and directed two short films, Necromancer (2015) and The Unknown (2017). Both have screened at numerous festivals & have received award nominations. She is also one of the producers of the award-winning prologue of The Promise, a docu-series on childhood cancer. She has produced a web series, I F#%$ING QUIT, and has written/directed her first web series, Pay It Forward, in Death.

Maria holds an MFA & BA in Media Arts with a focus in screenwriting and directing from Long Island University.

Director Statement

As an Afro-Latina & filmmaker, I want to break down the stereotypical issues of how WOC are seen on television and films and that is what inspires me to write. I want to write stories that connect us with who we are as a whole. Stories that are for us. My passion for writing and directing comes from focusing on the real issues we face in our every day lives. From the young girl having her first break up to the mother losing her child. As an artist and as a filmmaker, I want to incorporate all these real life issues into my stories. I want to put my characters in situations where they need to learn and grow from.

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