Out In Love

Directed by Kristina Pupo

This film is available from November 27-30, 2020. To watch or vote for this film please click on the orange “TICKETS” button below and purchase a ticket for BLOCK 11 | LGBTQ+ LOVE IS LOVE BLOCK.

















A husband and wife realize they might not be totally straight. Five years into marriage and just on the other side of thirty, Karina and Sergio find themselves newly queer, still wearing their wedding rings, and testing the waters of two very different gay scenes in LA. Based on my true queer journey, Out in Love is a coming of age story about pushing the boundaries of marriage, identity, and figuring out what it means to be family.

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Director Biography – Kristina Pupo

I grew up with a passion for film, a relentless ambition and…no friends willing to participate. As a small, Cuban-American tom girl with a last name like Pupo {POOP-O}, yep that’s how you pronounce it, I was comfortable being the quirky kid in school. I spent hours creating ideas for film and then shooting them all over my house. My highlights include sending letters to Dream Works pitching them my movie concepts. Naturally when I hit 18 I did whatever it took to leave my hometown of Miami, Fl and venture west to Los Angeles. After making several memorable moments at Columbia College Hollywood (which spoiler alert – is not located in Hollywood,) getting some hands-on set experience and directing/starring in a handful of Pop music videos…I had an itch to explore and moved to New York City. New York was everything I hoped it would be, moody, exciting, and creatively stimulating. I shifted my focus to writing episodics and shorts and performed with some amazing comics in a sketch comedy group. Shortly after, I directed and produced my first crack at a web series, Hot Mess, in 2014. Shifting gears back to production, I worked in the commercial world after moving to Chicago, IL in 2016 only to make my long awaited return to Los Angeles in early 2019. After a thrilling creators workshop at Clexacon 2019 in Las Vegas, I forged a creative partnership with fellow Director/Writer/Producer, Elishia Constantine. We bonded at a series speed pitching workshop where we soon discovered that the story I’ve needed to tell all along – was my own…and thus, Out in Love was born. An LGBTQ web series based on a Husband and Wife who both realize they are gay, after 5 years of marriage. For a woman, specifically a latina woman, even more specifically – a queer, latina woman; nothing is more evident than the prejudice in our world and our industry. Creating inclusive content is not just a tag line for me, it’s a mission statement. Out in Love is building a team of women of all colors, preferences and pronouns. I lead with passion and follow with compassion – let’s make some amazing, inclusive content – together.

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