Directed by Danny Garcia

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A young woman drops in to check on her grandmother. Upon entering the apartment she finds an unexplained mess and a mysterious religious statuette on a makeshift altar. Drawn to the effigy the woman is inexplicably rendered unconscious. She wakes to finds her grandmother behaving strangely and an ominous atmosphere dominated by the spirit in the statue.

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Director Biography – Danny Garcia

Daniel Garcia is a film, music video and commercial director.

Garcia began his career designing labels for Santería potions sold at local botánicas. Soon after, he landed at advertising agency DDB and, while working overtime, rounded up enough clients to go freelance.

Garcia has directed award winning music videos for artists such as LCD Soundsystem, Future, and Run the Jewels and commercials, including several spots for Nike, Adidas, and Adult Swim. He has directed several short films, including El Cuco – Portrait of a Boogeyman, and Jumby.

Director Statement

Orisha explores religion as a crutch.

How strong is your faith? What are you willing to give up for it. Are secularism and Atheism faith as well?

Growing up in a Cuban household, there were obvious religious symbols … crucifixes, baroque statuettes, etc. There were also a good deal of customs that the Roman Catholic Church would frown upon such as worship of more humble deities under the guise of saints.

A striking aspect was the justifying human behaviors through the prism of malleable religious beliefs and metaphysical forces.
There never was a right or wrong… just different perspectives.

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