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Jeff is trapped. Whether it’s traffic, work, April 2020, or his phone, he’s learning his environment might not be what’s holding him back.

80b5ab241e headshotDirector Biography – Jeff Torres

Torres comes from a strong theatre/film/tv background as an actor but has also directed staged readings, short plays, and web series. This is his first foray into directing his own project and he can’t wait to produce more of his own work.

Director Statement

Having worked on stage and on camera for over a decade I’ve come to the conclusion that art is of utmost important to our society. Honest work can only help to expand our humanity, and it’s the looking glass with which we can allow others to experience a life not their own. Acting is incredibly fulfilling and a life passion of mine, but now that I’ve created something and expressed myself from script to screen, it’s clear this is the next logical step. We all have our own lens and our own form of expression so we should seek to share that. Creating honest, funny, grounded, and relatable films is my intention – to tell complex and unheard stories in simple way. I believe art can change the world.

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