Directed by Noel John Bell and Adrian “Amen” Mendez

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This song is for anyone who has battled with, or who is currently battling addiction or any form of temptation. The moral struggle between fighting your inner demon and being a father/ husband in the process. This is my testimony. I wrote this song in hopes of helping others share their stories and to not be ashamed of your past. We can overcome and tell ourselves, “NEVERMORE.” – Amen

off his upcoming project. “Watch Me” produced by Joey “Mystro” Garcia

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Director Biography – Noel John Bell – Noble Cinema

Noel John Bell is a man of many talents. A rapper, producer, cinematographer, graphic designer, and writer. A native of Richmond, Ca. started his own company from the ground up. Noble Cinema. A man who knows his craft. And an up and coming director making a name for himself.

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