2016 OFFICIAL SELECTION | Necromancer directed by Maria Palacio



A short film based off a TV show created by Maria Palacio, tells the story of Maria Rodriguez who finds herself back at home with no memories of how she disappeared for 2 days. Her family helps her find the answers through a spiritual reading, where Maria finds a new world exist right in front of her.

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Director Biography

Maria C. Palacio is a director, screenwriter, casting director and Photographer from New York. She leans more towards film directing and screenwriting and will continue to expand on that. Maria recently finished working on her short film based off her TV Pilot script, Necromancer, which she plans on submitting to festivals and using her trailer to help raise funds to shoot a few episodes of Necromancer and hopefully get the show picked up from a network.
Maria is completing her feature film script, The Resistance, and will start to work on her next feature film script, Parallel. Maria is a huge fan of many sci-fi, dystopian and supernatural books and this is where she gets her creative flow from. She loves to create stories that deal with many realistic issues that affect everyone in different ways. She likes to take differential parts of herself and those around her to create her characters and put them in a world that they do not understand.
Maria believes that every artist should be heard and be taken seriously and she’s currently in works to start her own film production company called, Revolution Me Productions.

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Director Statement
This generation has begun to recognize Latina women in acting, singing, directing and producing but there is not many of us in this industry and that is what inspires me to write and direct. We should be equals to everyone else in the industry.
As a young Latina filmmaker, I want to break down the stereotypical issues of how Latina/Hispanic women are seen on television and films and that is what inspires me to write.
My passion for writing and directing comes from focusing on the real issues we face in our every day lives. From the young girl having her first break up to the mother losing her child. As an artist, I want to incorporate all these real life issues into my stories. As a writer, I want to put my characters in situations where they need to learn and grow from.

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Director: Maria Palacio (Necromancer, SNA: The Supernatural Association)

Writer: Maria Palacio (Necromancer, SNA: The Supernatural Association, Cruel)

Producer: Ronissha Marksman (Necromancer)

Key Cast:

Yaribel Castillo

André Urban

Derek Nelson

Luis Robles

Spend Xani

Russell West

Rachel Stamberg

Rivera Reese

Greta Quispe

J.F. Seary

Matthew Gonzalez

Megan Hurley

Maergen Soliman