My Mud, My Hillside

This film is available for the run of the festival starting the day of Thanksgiving 2021. To watch or to vote for this film please click on the orange “TICKETS” button below and purchase a ticket for BLOCK 13.  You also have the option to buy the Movie Buff Pass to watch all the films of the festival until December 15, 2021.


My Mud, My Hillside is a film about a Puerto Rican community engagement artist who spent ten years painting one mountainside village green. The film touches on themes life post-Maria, American colonialism, and the magic of community resilience.

Director Biography – Julia Mendoza Friedman

Julia Mendoza Friedman is a filmmaker from Massachusetts, based in New York, and currently working out of Miami, FL (truly East Coast transient). This is her first documentary film, though her previous narrative work has screened at LA Femme Film Festival and Broad Humor Film Festival, and her photos have been published by the Pacifica Literary Review. She currently does story collection work for a national political agency about Latinxs who have been negatively affected by Trump.

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