My Life Stopped At 15

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A visit to a skate shop triggers Sofia into a world where she must follow the clues to break free from her past.

Bc727bf8db headshotDirector Biography – Nicole Mejia

Nicole Mejia graduated from Cornish College of the Arts with a BFA in acting, directing and playwriting. When she moved to L.A. she quickly realized there was a lack of truthful representation of Latinos on screen, leading her to apply to the American Film Institute Directing program.

Nicole Mejia’s short films I AM and SHADES OF BLUE were key in granting her the 2019 Audi Fellowship for Women, a full scholarship to the American Film Institute.

Nicole creates stories about the resilience of the human spirit through drama, thriller and magical realism. She is currently in post-production for her first feature A PLACE IN THE FIELD that was shot safely during the pandemic. She is also in post for her AFI thesis film MY LIFE STOPPED AT 15 and excited to begin hitting the festival circuit.

Director Statement

The day before I turned 17 I decided to go on a trip that would alter my life forever. Growing up, I was a book-nerd with lack of self-belief and it is for that reason that I was easy prey to people who were looking to make a buck.

Unbeknownst to me, my “friends” set me up to be kidnapped and sold into human trafficking. Confessing that is still painful, even after all the work I’ve done to recover form the abuse I endured for almost 4 years. At this point I only know that I’ve experienced these things when my body is overwhelmed by emotions that I can’t explain aka PTSD. Sensory memories linger in my physical being that are triggered by smells or sounds.

Since escaping from that life, I have worked on healing through therapy, a wonderful support group for women who have gone through similar sexual abuse and 12-step program that helps me understand my trauma stemming from childhood.

The goal with this film is to empower, release shame and reclaim innocence. To be at the forefront of change so that this doesn’t continue happening to our girls. To offer the power of support.

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