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Saturday October 7, 2017 | 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
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MonoGAYmous is a web series that explores the life of Ruben; a domestic gay man new to LA and his hot mess friend, Amanda. With her help he tries to rediscover who he was before becoming, well, monoGAYmous.

Director Biography

MonoGAYmous is Rafael Torres’ first venture on the other side of the camera. As a child he would write, act and sing every day to escape the rough life he and his family endured. Naturally this drive to perform and escape stuck with him through grade school, high school and later college. Rafael attended Columbia College Chicago where he acquired his Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre. After dabbling in the local thriving theatre scene in Chicago he decided to try television and landed a role as an ensemble member of the Emmy award winning Children’s television series Green Screen Adventures. During his valuable year long stint on the show he also ventured into commercials and indie films until he felt it was the right time to go big and move to Los Angeles. Along for the ride was his partner of now eight years- Stephen Bauer, his cat Oliver, and their beagle Maggie.
Not long after arriving to LA he started the LA actor hustle. Days turned into months and months into a year and he realized that he wasn’t fitting in, not just in the industry that didn’t know what to do with him but also within his own community.
After being urged time and time again to start creating his own content he just didn’t know where to start. Then one day while joking about his domestic and monogamous lifestyle, the word “monogaymous” popped into his head. This new term was a lightbulb moment and the inspiration for a series that would give a unique voice to the LGBTQ community as well as be something anyone in a domestic relationship can relate to.
One idea led to another and before he knew it, he was writing, producing, casting, directing and starring in a project that he is not only proud to be a part of but also creating. From casting to hiring crew to writing and recording all of the original music, he still can’t believe that it actually happened and that it’s resonating with many people across the world.