Directed by Luis Ramon Quintero

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“Mirage” is a magic realism tale about a little girl who spends her time daydreaming and fantasizing of exotic locations as she hopes to be reunited with her parents while being held captive by US border agents.

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Director Biography – Luis Ramon Quintero

Writer, Director & Producer Luis Ramón Quintero is the founder of Foreshadowing Entertainment. In 2016, his film “Guiltless” was nominated for an Imagen Award in the Best Theatrical Short category by Norman Lear’s Imagen Foundation. Previously, Quintero was a finalist of the NBC Universal Pictures Emerging Writer’s Fellowship in 2014.

Director Statement

As a first generation Mexican-American storyteller, my body of work features stories that entertain and inspire through emotionally engaging experiences. I love to educate and empower through entertainment. Evoking emotions is a primary goal because I want to spark conversations about the world we live in today.

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