Directed by Erica Ortiz

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A young child escapes their harsh reality through the power of their imagination.

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Director Biography – Erica Ortiz


Erica Ortiz is a Mexican-American Writer and Director who’s films challenge social norms, all the while inspiring thought and conversation.

In 2015 she graduated from California Institute of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film/Video Production. In 2016 her short film MS. MATCH received recognition at the West Hollywood Women’s Leadership Conference and was the closing night film at LA Shorts Festival.

In 2019 she directed THE TAMPON, a poignant film about consent that has received praise from Taos Shorts Film Festival, Nevertheless Film Festival, Katra Film Series, Defy Film Festival, Hollywood New Directors Film Forum and LA Underground Film Forum. She also directed MIJO a film about a Latinx child who uses their imagination to cope with adversity.

Erica’s mission is to transform the image of women within the media, especially the image of Latina women. She strives to be a prominent voice within the film industry, one film at a time, with her bold and unflinching approach.

Director Statement

Five years ago, a dear friend of mine shared a deeply personal story with me.
As we sat in a car, he opened up in a way that I hadn’t seen before. We were both in the thick of creative work as we were prepping to put on A Street Car Named Desire at California Institute of the Arts (he as an Actor, and I as his Director). I had see him tap into aspects of himself before, but something very special transpired as he opened up authentically about his childhood hardships and how defining those moments were for him.

As he told me this very story, tears streamed down his face. I could feel his pain and most importantly I could connect and relate to his childhood trauma. In this very moment I sensed the relief he had in sharing his story with me. This moment planted the seed of inspiration for this film.

At it’s core, Mijo is about hope and the power that imagination holds especially within unfortunate circumstances. Mijo has a special place in my heart because it is a project that highlights an underrepresented community as it triumphs within adversity. Sharing stories like these positively influences our communities and plants seeds of hope for our repressed communities.

As a budding Latinx director, my mission is to be at the forefront of telling Latinx stories with heart. I am excited to share Mijo which hits both marks.

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