Mi Casa

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Two sisters have been trapped in their family home for 100 years. Though they both want to “see the light,” they disagree on the best course of action. Maria prefers peace and quiet, while Geraldina entertains herself with tricks on the living tenants. The current occupant, Frank, surprises them when he returns with a Ouija board and tries to communicate. Geraldina is thrilled at the chance to finally be “seen” again and quickly becomes smitten with him. Just as she thinks her feelings are reciprocated, Frank reveals his fiancé will be arriving soon and hopes Geraldina will agree to not let her presence be known, forcing both sisters to contend with their past and their lack of presence.

Director Biography – Kristina Arjona

The daughter of immigrants from Colombia and Germany, both sides of Kristina Adler Arjona’s family got their US citizenship through the American Military. After her father left the military, he became a medical missionary and Kristina spent a good chunk of her childhood traveling the world and found storytelling to be the easiest way to connect. She began using performance techniques at a young age, particularly in China.

Kristina studied theatre at the Alabama School of Fine Arts in Birmingham, AL. After that, she completed her BFA in Acting and BA in Theatrical Design & Production from Elon University.

Kristina owns the film production company Jump Cut Collective, where she directs and produces work that emphasizes women, LGBTQIA+, and BIPOC in front and behind the camera. Her work has been showcased in festivals such as the Atlanta Film Festival, Sidewalk Film Festival, and Cucalorus Film Festival.

Director Statement

In the time of COVID, many people have experienced the trials of being trapped at home with their family for months. Now, imagine that for centuries. MI CASA explores two Latina sisters trapped together for over 100 years, as their latest house guest attempts to make contact with them. This dark, supernatural comedy reimagines the ghost perspective with a Spanglish flavor and dives into the ups and downs of a deep sister connection, especially when curious tenants are involved.

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