Mary directed by Alejandro Aguilar

Thursday, September 27th
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


Dante lives in New York City as an illegal immigrant in order to provide a better future for his family. His dream is to be a legal citizen, and his mother´s dream is to see him once again. With every passing day eç Dante is being forgotten.

He dreams to provide a better future for his moher, she dreams about keeping her memories. Alzheimer takes over her brain. He fights for his dreams, she fights against Alzheimer’s desease. His mother suffers from a degenerative disease and with each passing day she forgets about him .
so he works two jobs in order be able to send money to his home country for his mother´s treatment and his sister´s tuition.


He was born and raised in Ibague, Colombia. In 2011 he founded El Clan Films theater company. He began his training with Rubén Di Pietro and Alfonso Ortiz in Bogotá. He deepened his craft with Barnaby King, Cynthia Eithinger, among others. He studied the Meisner technique with Stephen Baily and Maria Gowland in “The International School of Film and Television” in San Antonio de Los Baños, Cuba. He is currently studying with actors Clark Middletown and Ewen Bremner at Apt 929 Tony Torn Studios, legacy of Geraldine Page.

His extended film career makes him an important reference in the Colombian cinema. www.imdb.me/alejandroaguilar
He recently co-starred in the Netflix show El Chapo.

Director’s Statement

Migration from developing countries is the result of the lack of opportunity and the violation of human rights. It is necessary to make a statement, on behalf of the human in every immigrant, who decides to leave his/her home country to pursue their dreams and the possibility to provide a better future for their families. We must acknowledge overpopulation as the modern man´s tragedy, and as immigrants, value the sacrifice and the rules of a country, that fights to maintain the order for a better society



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