MAMBA directed by Sam Puefua


1500 Sixth Street
Coachella, CA 92236
Friday, October 12th
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


‘Her loss will be their pain!’

After being left for dead at the hands of her brother, a rogue assassin goes after his most trusted employee, ‘The Gatekeeper’, to stake information and leave his empire in ruins. Unbeknownst to our heroine, a third player joins the game and another enemy is added to her growing list.

~MAMBA is an action packed short film created and written by award winning actress/writer/producer/filmmaker Sonalii Castillo.


Director’s Biography

In 2013, Sam co-directed his first short, Dahlias, with Sonalii Castillo. After Dahlias, Sam went back to focus on acting which he landed roles on Television in shows such as HAWAII 5-O, CRIMINAL MINDS and AMINAL KINGDOM. He recently landed a Recurring role in a new series on AMC which premieres this Fall.

A few years later, Sam was ready to tackle another short film and, after watching and learning from his Directing mentors, Sam finally decided to direct his first piece in MAMBA. Teaming up again with Sonalii as his female lead.

Director Statement

Mamba is a sexy, action packed film with a Strong female lead. This is Columbiana meets John Wick! In the film, I wanted to play with the colors and have it change with the situation or mood that Kali was in. And my wonderful DP Luke Derojas, and Gaffer/lighting team, made that into reality! When she was having those small seductive moments, warm colors is what I imagined. And when she was ready to go to work, aka kill some bad guys, I wanted cold, bloody and death colors. My team definitely executed what I envisioned.

As far as action goes, Brendon Huor, who’s our Fight Coordinator, took it to the next level. He was very hands on when it came to making sure that Sonalii looked like she knew what she was doing, and the stunt team ALL brought nothing but 110% to this project and were very helpful on and off screen.

I couldn’t have done this without my Assistant Director and Producers. Haile, my A.D., he kept us on track, made sure I didn’t spend to much time on certain scenes and made me think about what scenes were important to have and what’s not. D. Miles and Nikole, our producers, made sure that all the other things that I didn’t need to worry about were taken care of and made the set operate smoothly.

My saying has always been “Team Work makes the DREAM work”. And with this Team made the Dream work. Dream Team.