Made in America

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After fleeing their home country of El Salvador, a mother and her daughter struggle to make a new life in America when an act of kindness from a stranger alters their lives forever.

Director Biography – Armida Lopez

Lopez is storyteller and philanthropist who began writing and directing films with the vision of seeing more Latinx stories being told and represented.

Born in San Salvador, she moved to Sacramento when she was 8 years old. While in Sacramento, Lopez began her career in entertainment as a local television producer on Sacramento Access. In 2014 she relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her first love; acting. She is known for her role in feature films, El Chicano and Boss Level. Lopez has also been the face of over a dozen national commercials with known brands like Nike, Verizon, and Ulta. Now, she is breaking barriers not just in front of the camera, but also behind through her storytelling.


Director Statement

Made In America is a true story based on my mother and I coming to America. It wasn’t easy but I wouldn’t change a thing. As I saw my mom struggle to give me a better life, I realized I had to make something of myself. Like any parent, my mom would have loved for me to be a lawyer (like herself) or a doctor. However, I knew I was meant for something different; a path my family had ever taken. That path was acting and storytelling, so here I am, telling my immigrant story. I hope that through my short film, I make you feel something; anything. Most of all I hope to inspire more Latinx storytellers to share their stories so that future generations can see themselves on a big screen.

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