Lo Que Pasa directed by Francisco Casanova and Marcus Aubin



1500 Sixth Street
Coachella, CA 92236
Saturday, October 13th
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


When contrasting racial groups clash at a party, Ricky’s fun night out suddenly turns into a disaster.


Director’s Biography

My name is Francisco Casanova, I am a film student at DePaul University in the great city of Chicago. This city is a spectrum of diversity, influence, and culture that motivates in my creative writing and film making every day. In my college career, I have been involved with a number of productions as an Assistant Director, Script Supervisor, UPM, and Producer. However, my true passion has always been directing. I had the pleasure working side by side with Marcus Aubin on our short film, Lo Que Pasa, the first independent film I directed. The story is one of loyalty, friendship, and choices made in the face of opposition and unique circumstance.

Moving forward, I am currently in post-production with my second film, Understanding, a story about a six year old girl coming to terms with her mother’s terminal illness. Told through live-action and animation, it explores the complexity of how one might experience losing a loved one at an early age. I am very proud to say that this film has been made possible through the SCA Undergrad Grant. After this film is complete, I will be taking the position as an Assistant Director to the feature film, Sun King.

I am always looking for great concepts and scripts to tackle in my film making career. I am thankful for those I have met and have participated in bringing these past films to life. I think that film making is a powerful art form that I am grateful to be immersed in and look forward to exploring day in and day out.

– Marcus Aubin –

My name is Marcus Aubin, and I’m a director and editor from Chicago IL. Living in this city has heavily encouraged my grit and perseverance. I am a highly driven and creative individual always looking to collaborate with others who push my limits to do great things.

In three years, I have been fortunate enough to direct seven short films, a handful of music videos, and a web series pilot. This past summer, I also directed my first micro-budget SAG-eligible feature film. The film is called Sun King, which tells the story of an eccentric Chinese man who embarks on an epic journey to marry his cousin after convincing himself he is the reincarnated soul of King Louis XIV. I certainly love to keep myself busy, and almost feel empty when I am not being productive.

When I’m not making movies, you can find me cheering on my favorite football team, the Chicago Bears, or experimenting with Chicago’s diversity in entertainment, arts, food, and more.