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This is the pilot episode for LA LOCURA: The Madness – a comedy set within the tragedy of Dementia.

“Trapped by his parents in Palm Beach Florida, Brooklyn hipster, Rodrigo Morales is trying to find love and happiness amidst a family dealing with Alzheimer’s.”

Director Biography – Sam Cadman

Veteran TV and Commercials director, Sam Cadman is the co-creator of Montreux D’or winning, TRIGGER HAPPY TV.

He is also one of the co-writers of LA LOCURA: The Madness, the teleplay of which has already been a WINNER at ReelHeART INTL SCREENPLAY & TV PILOT COMPETITION, the AUSTIN COMEDY FILM FESTIVAL and NOVA FEST.

Sam directed festival favorite, MANN OVERBOARD, and his debut short film, THE SNOW MAZE was WINNER of Best UK Short at LONDON INDEPENDENT FF, ROMFORD INTL FF, and RAMSGATE FILM & TV FESTIVAL, as well as WINNER of Best Original Screenplay at NORTH EUROPE INTL FILM FESTIVAL

Director Statement

LA LOCURA: The Madness is based on what Rodrigo Luzzi is living through right now; having to care for his father who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in the Spring of 2020. Having grown up being told “you take care of those who took care of you” he has no choice in this. And, much of the dialogue and detail is from first-hand experience – real-life situations where you have to laugh or else you’d cry. Dementia touches many, both directly and indirectly, and this character-driven comedy centers on the many strong emotions triggered – compassion, empathy, love… and lots of fucking frustration! Grounded performances, beautiful cinematography and a delicious Chilean pop soundtrack, LA LOCURA: The Madness feels fresh, funny and true.

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