2017 OFFICIAL SELECTION | Kruz directed by Jesus ‘J’ Navarro

This Film will be showing in Block 3
Friday October 6, 2017 | 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
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Kruz starts off her day like any other, putting on her makeup in front of her mirror listening to her music. “Mami”, running late for work, asks Kruz to drop off her car at the mechanic’s; tensions flare but overall, everything seems normal. When Kruz gets to the mechanic’s we start to notice that not everything is what it seems, people’s reactions to Kruz are not what you’d expect. These reactions continue to follow Kruz as she interacts with different people, culminating in her being asked to leave a high-end boutique. That evening, after a rough day, Kruz breaks down into tears at dinner, revealing a deeper truth.


Director Biography

Jesus ‘J’ Navarro is a first time Writer/Director born and raised in Boston, Ma. His mother emigrated from Peru when she was 20 and his father was from Puerto Rico. He grew up in the 80’s during a time of great changes. His writing and Directing style reflect his deep-rooted culture and experiences. He presents you with a candid, untested, and gritty picture in the lives and realities of his characters. Their experiences become your own yet with sundry twists and turns; your perspective will undoubtedly be challenged.
J graduated from CDIA Boston University in 2011. For the first few years, he focused on Corporate Videos but soon found his passion was in storytelling. He then spent the next couple years writing, brainstorming, and surrounding himself with inspiration that propelled him forward.

Director Statement

“Kruz”, the first offering from Epicphany Films and director J. Navarro is a story about perspective; how one sees themselves is different from how others view them. Set in the present day where individuality and fluidity are often in question and highly criticized, we follow the day of a Latinx teen as they navigate a day in their life. The short is meant to challenge common perceptions by offering a glimpse from a different perspective, prompting the viewer to wonder what’s wrong. This was a zero budget film where I was lucky enough to work with some very talented and passionate people that were committed to bringing this story to life.





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