2017 OFFICIAL SELECTION | Kiko directed by Felix Martiz

This Film will be showing in Block 9.
Sunday October 8, 2017 | 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM
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Kiko, a recent college dropout supervises day laborers at a factory, among the temp workers is Maria, an old high school acquaintance. As there friendship grows he finds out that her dreams of college were never realized after discovering that she wasn’t born in the US. Now, years later, Maria is stuck in this dead end job where she makes ends meet to provide for her 6 year old daughter, Ethelyn; whom she is raising alone as a single parent. Kiko and Maria’s friendship is tested after ICE raids the factory and before getting deported, she asks Kiko to promise and look after her daughter. Kiko always trying to do the right thing takes care of Ethelyn, with the reluctant help from his mom, Juana. Maria is sent to a border town where danger lurks at every corner. She is helpless and alone in a land, that even though she was born in, she is a stranger to. Kiko struggles with what right and legal and comes to understand that they are not always the same thing. He promises Ethelyn to reunite her with her mother and sets out to help bring Maria back.

Director Biography

Award winning Latinx filmmaker Felix Martiz started directing short films while attending California State University of Long Beach. As a student, he won many awards, including the prestigious Cal Arts Best Student Film Rosebud Award for “ La Paz.” After graduating, he made his directorial feature film debut with “Santiago,” which screened at film festivals worldwide. Overall, his production company Un Anima Within Productions films’ have screened at more than thirty film festivals and have won various awards. As well as being an accomplished director, Felix has also worked as a script consultant and editor for various micro-budget productions. In 2015, Felix directed “400 Miles” for Mano-a-Mano Productions. The film was a festival darling that screened in over twenty festivals (including OutFest Fusion). In 2016, he received his Masters in Film Production from Mount St Mary’s University, Los Angeles. He wrote, produced and directed two thesis films “Mia” and “Kiko.” “Mia” is currently in the festival circuit and has begun to garnish awards, including Best Short Film at BIFF 2017. Felix continues to write and direct films that showcase his unique LatinX perspective. His films are diverse and feature people of color and are either bilingual or in his native language of Spanish. He recently wrapped Post-Production on “Kiko,” a short film about family separation, deportation and identity, that has been broken up into three episodes for use as a proof of concept for a television series that he wants to develop.

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