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Jenni is a young, beautiful Latina who loves her friends and family. When she learns that her best friend is planning to have an abortion, she is devastated and does not understand why any mother would do that to her child. Jenni has a close relationship with her own mother and even gives her a special friendship necklace on her 40th birthday. However, Jenni discovers a secret about her mother that threatens to destroy the love they share.

Director’s Biography

Ray Hungria is an award winning Writer and Director. Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in New York City, Mr. Hungria’s dream of becoming a film maker was conceived when he received an 8mm movie projector at age 9. Drawn to the fantasy and storytelling of movie making Mr. Hungria would eventually enroll at CUNY’s BCC Filmmaking Program and then transfer to the prestigious New York Film Academy where he completed his filmmaking education.
Mr. Hungria has written, directed and produced numerous independent films, music videos and television commercials both in the United States and in Europe. (https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1680518/)
He served as director, producer and writer for the award winning short film “Jenni” which won Best Short Film at the 2018 Mexico International Film Festival. Additionally he was director, writer and producer for the short film “The Game” which won Best Comedy at the 2015 Jury Award in Sevilla Spain.
To date, Ray Hungria works have aired and continue airing on recognizable TV channels, such as , MUN2, HTV, Univision, Telemundo among others. In 2013, he collaborated with notable writer Narielys Márquez Carrasquillo to work on the script for his project entitled “Upper Manhattan”. Soon after the script was completed it was selected by the University of Western Brittany in France as a reference for their Latin American Studies Program.
Today, Mr. Hungria along with his partners Spanish Director Jaime Garcia and Spanish Producer Efren Cea have established their own production company ESLAC New Media (www.ESLAC.tv) to produce independent films, feature films and television pilots. Upcoming projects include a full length feature film and a television pilot that will be filmed in both New York City and Grenada Spain.



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