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A man struggles to find purpose and inner peace in a world where a virus has eradicated all humanity. He finds hope in things he finds along his excursion to keep him going until he realizes a dead girl’s journal is the one thing that ultimately leads him to what he has been looking for.

F282fb692d headshotDirector Biography – David Har’el

Being an immigrant in the U.S. can be very scary. I came to the U.S at 13 years old from El Salvador. Since then I persisted and continued my education, learned a new language, and adapted to the American life. I grew up feeling lost and disconnected. I avoided confronting my emotions and found Cinema to be a quick escape from reality. Cinema made feel a sense of belonging. It helped me evade my own struggles and fears. I soon realized that Cinema could also help me heal and face those emotions by writing my own story, and by enriching my approach to filmmaking. It allowed me to find purpose and gain hope. Watching works by other immigrant filmmakers also gave me the courage to pursue filmmaking. Finding vessels like these that support the immigrant communities through the arts has given us immigrants opportunities to feel equal to others, share our quiet voices and be seen.

Director Statement

We had no budget, no access to professional equipment, crew was limited, but we knew we had to tell this special story at this time and let it live not only as a period piece but as something to remind us that we are stronger together. Thank you for watching this humble film

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