I’m a Vampire

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In and amongst the confusion created by the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, 8 year-old Jackie believes she is turning into a vampire. As her suspicion is reinforced by her parents’ bewildering behavior, the imaginative girl creates her own plan to survive the confinement.

Director Biography – Sofia Garza-Barba

Sofia Garza-Barba is a Mexican American genre-bending writer and director based in LA. Her work is often described as fantastic, whimsical, and highly art driven.
She’s directed music videos for musicians like Natalia Lafourcade, and worked with clients like Nickelodeon, Universal and Sony Music.
Her films have been presented on reputable festivals like SITGES, CIFF, Tribeca (Nespresso Talents), LAShorts, SANFIC and Festival de Cannes (Shortfilm Corner). She’s a 2018 Ryan Murphy’s Half Initiative mentee, a 2019 Fellow Director of the DGA’s Commercial Directors Diversity Program, a 2021 SANFIC-Morbido Lab participant and winner, and a chosen fellow director for HBO’s Tommorrow’s Filmmakers Today 2021.
Her most recent short film “I’m A Vampire” has caught the eyes of festival programmers around the globe, for it’s unique and imaginative take on 2020’s pandemic.
She’s currently in development for her first feature called Santos Remedios, and continues to write stories that blends genres and cultures.

Director Statement

In the midst of 2020’s pandemic lockdown, I got stuck in two worlds that quickly felt like limbo: reality of the outer world, and my home bubble. As weeks and months passed, I noticed my imagination kept reaching out to unexpected places, not knowing what to believe and what to ignore in order to keep me and my household afloat. I’m a Vampire is the result of reality and nonsense that goes through our minds when we desperately need to go back to “normal”. It’s those scary moments hearing the news, or the silly ones when every store is out of toilet paper. During this time, I wondered what goes on in kids’ minds if adults hid the truth or pretended everything was normal. I wanted to create an imaginative character that makes her own unique way through a confusing, panic-stricken world, navigating through her parents lies. Just as the saying goes “Ignorance is Bliss, until it isn’t,” everything backfires when the main character trusts her own imagination, as her parents continue to tuck away reality from her. This film was written during lockdown and chaos, so I wanted to create that explosion of mixed feelings and genres that 2020 has sparked in us.

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