This short film will screen with other short films in Block 10 | NATIVE TONGUES
Sunday, December 11th at 12pm
Palm Springs Art Museum. Palm Springs, California.
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A story of Indigenous resilience and land stewardship, Homelands follows a crew of Lakota tree planters in South Dakota fighting to preserve their land and cultural traditions for future generations amidst centuries of colonization and the ongoing climate crisis.

Director Biography – José Chalit Hernandez, Evan Barrientos

José Chalit is a disabled documentarian and artist endlessly fascinated with sociopolitical and natural landscapes of the U.S. southwest (traditionally on the land of Ute, Diné/Navajo, and Puebloan peoples).

His films explore the traumas and stories of immigration, climate change, and technological advancement through experimental/ambient montages and the observational modes of documentary.

Evan Barrientos (co-director) is a Bolivian-American conservationist and multimedia professional who has dedicated his career as an avid wildlife photographer and videographer across the Americas. He is passionate about the protection of forests and public education around fire ecology.

Director Statement

One season of tree planting may not change the course of climate change, but for many of these tree planters, prioritizing connection to land and passing down cultural traditions take equal priority.

Homelands was filmed in 2021, and like any new tree that takes time to settle its roots before its long term growth, so does this short film about this Lakota community working to protect their land and traditions.

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