Hit Me Up directed by Michelle Martinez

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A naive teenager thinks she has a chance at young love, until her first kiss goes further than expected.

Director’s Biography

Michelle Martinez is a writer, director, actor, and editor. She studied acting at Stella Adler Studios (NYC) and the Art of Acting Studio in Los Angeles. Michelle also studied scriptwriting for television during a semester abroad in England. Michelle has worked in production departments for television as well as feature films. Her directorial work ranges from short documentaries to narrative fiction. Michelle earned her BFA in Filmmaking from Montclair State University in New Jersey. Upon graduation she received an Excellence in Directing Award from her institution in recognition of her thesis film, Hit Me Up.

Director’s Statement

When I showed the script for “Hit Me Up” to my female colleagues, a lot of them said they had experienced an almost identical situation during their teenage years. The film is inspired by my experiences growing up in a culture that sexualizes young girls before they’re mature enough to understand their own needs. I hope this film teaches teenagers a lesson that many of us had to learn the hard way.


Written and Directed by Michelle Martinez

Director of Photography: Monika Kolodziej

Producers: Amatullah’Muhyi Ali, Michelle Martinez

Cast: Angelica Santiago, Brittany Santos, Caleb McDaniel, Ethan Stein, Joseph Galan