Hi, I’m Dan directed by Rosa Rodriguez

Tuesday, September 25th
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


An oddball office worker falls apart as he prepares for an interview with a new company.


Rosa is a Dominican actress, singer, director, and producer, based in New York City. She co-founded Room 1209 Productions with her husband, Patrick Avella, and together they aim to tell stories that show the struggles of everyday people and represent the diversity found in the real world.

Director Statement

Dan represents the modern every-man trapped in a deeply unfulfilling existence. He wants more out of life but is unable to make a change. In this film we witness an apparently mundane event that is, in fact, tragic and earth shattering from the point of view of the individual who goes through it.

Dan represents us paralyzed by fear; unable to take the simplest action to change our current circumstances; trapped in what seems to be a prison of our own making.



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