After being promoted in a Michelin star kitchen, a promising yet disturbed girl must gain the approval of the ruthless head chef at the expense of her own sanity.

Director Biography – Patricio de la Maza

Born to a Mexican household in Switzerland, Patricio spent his childhood an ex-pat, moving across the Americas in countries like Argentina, Panama, Brazil, and Mexico. He gathered a sizable audience of dozens of thousands telling stories of his nomad experience on YouTube before turning 16. He later turned his focus to advertisements, and under the mentorship of Cannes Lion award-winning Austin Formato, directed his first television advertisement for the Tapatio brand at age 17. He next moved to the US to begin his studies at Chapman University and has since continued to develop his voice, thrilled to continue making films to explore his passion for the nuances of the many cultures that shaped him.

Director Statement

Beyond the brutal world of fine dining, copper pots, carbon steel knives, and handsome, angry head chefs – is the world of a living animal that experienced an equally brutal and abrupt end to their life – bringing them to the kitchen where they are prepped, skinned, deboned, and filleted (paper thin), then tossed on a porcelain plate resulting in a dish no bigger than a golf ball costing upwards of several hundred dollars.

Amidst this repetitive frenzy of producing the same exact dish with molecular precision, over and over again until the end of the service, begs the question – does the dish have a soul? Or did we steal the soul of the prey in it for no reason? It was this wilderness that inspired Heat!

We set out to make a portrait of the multi-cultural frenzy of Gonzalo’s kitchen, from Valentina’s demented perspective. A film about obsession, romance, death, and the savage quest for creative expression; an exploration of two impulsive and deeply wounded souls that clash and excel. Because only half their minds are present in the kitchen – the rest of them wander in a place parallel to us amidst the ever-present heat, where flavors are colors, and their demons
lurk alongside the ghosts of the dishes.

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