HE IS MIME directed by Romanesh Reynoso


1500 Sixth Street
Coachella, CA 92236
Sunday, October 14th
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM


A MIME has felt alone his entire life. A beautiful deaf young woman feels lost in the world. They are going to find each other, but they don’t know it (not yet).



Mexican/Canadian filmmaker.
Romanesh began his career focusing solely on acting, achieving a high degree of success in his native country of Mexico.
In early 2016, having moved to Canada, Romanesh decided to move behind the camera. Although he has focused his attention mostly on cinematography (having quickly become an in-demand cinematographer in the Toronto area for commercial videos and short films), Romanesh is extremely excited to sit in the Director´s chair for a change.
Given his background (which also includes experiences as art painter and musician), we believe this will be a convergence of his best traits.
He made over 70 national ads in Mexico as an actor, and now he is making a second short film, something completely different.

Director Statement

“Since a child, I´ve been dreaming that I can become a huge change that helps to heal the world, my best way to participate in this huge change is by expressing and communicating to others, the importance of living with love, for love, and by love (I want to share what I feel).
This film is a piece of me LITERALLY, a simple but strong message of life is there waiting for us to decide, to hug, to dance, to do whatever you want, just with the rule of not hurting others.

HE IS MIME is the first, is the pioneer for me to incursion the film industry and nothing of this will happen without good people around good projects”.

Nowadays, there are lots of movies that explore violent and bloody stories. HE IS MIME is a light story, a romantic story, a story based on the understanding that there is always a perfect match waiting for us, our soul-mate.

This production is going to use 3 universes: MIME´s, FLOWER´s and when they meet.

By making use of different colours (to express their views/feelings on the world) as well as sound design and original/unique music (also reflecting their personalities and the manner through which they express themselves), we will achieve a fulfilling experience for the audience, by immersing them into the film´s world.