2017 OFFICIAL SELECTION | Grapes directed by Ramon Pesante

This Film will be showing in Block 3
Friday October 6, 2017 | 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
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After a productive evening of drinking and smoking weed, a famished Ray, stumbles home with the intent to snooze himself sober. However, as he attempts to discreetly dash to his room, he is intercepted by his vexing Grandmother who seizes the opportunity to give him a much unwanted Spanish lesson. It’s the battle of the generations! In one corner the ungrateful pot head, and in the other, the vulgar Abuela. With an occasional cameo from our lord and savior, they face off in Grapes.


Director Biography

Somewhere between April 9th 1979 and 2017 Ramon Pesante decided he was going to be a filmmaker. Pinpointing when exactly? That’s tricky. Maybe he never made the decision himself; maybe filmmaking was something that was already flowing in the veins when the New York City-native was born in 1979. (His mother was an actor for many years.)   Or maybe it was a decision he made as a child, spending hours in icy movie theaters. Or maybe he decided to become a filmmaker during one of the many low points of his teenage years — his never-ending hot, cold relationship with his parents; being dragged into the foster care system; being bullied in school; nearly flunking out of school; getting dumped. Or maybe the “I-want-to-be-a-filmmaker” moment came during happier times — gaining a second mother while in foster care; graduating college with a bachelors degree; falling in love with a girl; falling in love with his son. Or maybe it was during the monotonous after-college-days that got to him: maybe a decision was made while he was serving lukewarm coffee in a diner or while he was staring at a Google Doc during his tabloid TV days. Or maybe the decision came randomly, riding the train, wondering why the stories he cared about weren’t told. Whatever it was, a decision was made. Maybe there was no singular moment. Maybe there were just a number of singular moments — building blocks for a building.
Or maybe it doesn’t matter.


Director Statement

Grapes is a short film that serves as tribute to my late Grandmother, Dora Pesante.  I lived with her for 3 years in my 20s, and in that time, she taught me a great deal about life and responsibility.  While my family mourns in the traditional sense, writing this short comedic story is my way of dealing with her passing.


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