Directed by Brandon Hugo Arroyo

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“Feliz” follows a Spanish Harlem couple discussing the future of their relationship while packing for a weekend trip.

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Director Biography – Brandon Hugo Arroyo

Brandon Hugo Arroyo is a writer/director working out of Manhattan, NY.

Originally from the Hudson Valley, Brandon wanted to expand his roots into his culture and started to educate himself about his Puerto Rican Heritage. As a storyteller he aims to share stories about adventure, identity, discovery, hope, love and experience through a wide variety of genres.

Working as a freelance commercial editor and making films, he finds himself constantly working through various projects day and night. A passion he loves most is sharing a connection with an audience, discussing how they relate to the film and finding ways to continue growing his Production Company: Giant Island Films.

Director Statement

Feliz came to me on morning commute to work, where I was thinking to myself about a potential future situation in which “What if you really loved someone and didn’t want to let go, but ultimately knew you were on two different life paths.” How could two people be both right and wrong about their circumstance and how would we feel in our own lives answering these questions. I really wanted to dive into what it means to compromise for love. The choices we choose to make or decide to hide.

The project resonates with me because it’s something many of us, including myself, worry about. This idea that something so perfect could be gone with the idea of change. Also, I wanted to step into the shows of a flip situation where the male character seemingly wants children but the woman does not. I wanted to test Ego and this idea of legacy. How family affects/effects us and how we affect/effect one another.

What I feel I bring to the table with this and all my projects, is the opportunity to make people think about their own lives and to relate with characters who are empathetic yet flawed. As a second generation Puerto Rican, I always find it important to imbue culture into my narratives about identity and association to that identity.

My inspirations for this film were “Raising Victor Vargas” and the “Before Sunset” trilogy.

I really wanted this film to feel lived with and genuine. I wanted a natural lighting aesthetic and a hand held camera feel.

I made this movie with no budget and my hopes are for people to think more about their relationships. Whether, as people, we are unknowingly selfish or selfless.

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