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An intimate portrait of a boxing gym in a small town of Conroe, Texas. The film is constructed as an allegory for the challenges faced by people of color and immigrants in the US.

Director Biography – Wojciech Lorenc

Fearless was produced and directed by a Houston based husband and wife creative team. Valentina Trevino (producer) is a Mexican-born multimedia artist whose films screened and won awards in international festivals, and whose work has reached over 20 million people online. Wojciech Lorenc (director) is a Polish-born filmmaker and professor. Wojciech has taught filmmaking at Columbia College Chicago, University of Hawaii West O’ahu, Columbus State University, and currently Sam Houston State University where he serves as the Chair of the Department of Mass Communication, and coordinates the BFA in Film and Television Production.

Director Statement

The viewers of the film will witness the challenges that minorities face at the micro level in a context of a modest boxing gym in a small town of Conroe, Texas. However, we constructed Fearless as an allegory for challenges facing people of color and immigrants in the US. A particular scrutiny is placed on the popular sentiment expressed in a phrase “pull yourself by your bootstraps” which exemplifies American optimism, but also unrealistic expectations and, ultimately, victim blaming. The film attempts to illustrate what really happens when young people try to “pull themselves by their bootstraps” in the US. Fearless is made by a husband and wife creative team of first-generation immigrants, and as such, is a deeply personal journey.

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