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Jerry missed his train. While waiting for the next one, drowsiness sets in and he notices the BART station display poking fun at him. Realizing his mind is playing tricks, Jerry lays down to rest his eyes and is awoken by a school of glowing fish. This catapults him into a journey through his subconscious, exhibiting his conflicting emotions of panic and calm.

Director Biography – Morris Callegari

Morris Callegari is a 3D Artist from Berkeley, CA. He is currently a CG Generalist in visual effects.

After college, Morris started his journey in film as a PA and eventually a Coordinator at Tippett Studio. He studied the process of filmmaking in 3D, and ultimately made a career change from production to Environment Artist. This experience prepared Morris to create his first film, Elsewhere, over the year in quarantine.

Director Statement

Early last year, I started modeling the main character of Elsewhere as an exercise to improve my skills as a 3D artist. I wasn’t sure what I was going to use him for, but, once quarantine hit, I started feeling anxious and had frequent dreams of falling. I don’t always express myself well through words, so I was inspired to create this film to reflect my thoughts.

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