El Montaje

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In the midst of loss & grief, a Tango dancer rediscovers the true healing power of music & dance.

85590d3fee headshotDirector Biography – Ed Trucco

Ed Trucco is a New York actor, who decided to learn the ropes behind the camera. He has made several short films, some of which have won festivals.

*Born Eduardo Trucco in Queens, New York, to an Argentine director, Orestes Trucco and Puerto Rican mother, Gladys.

Director Statement

“I believe that for an actor, it is as important to know the biz behind the camera as well as in front”
He is proud and honored to have worked with Mariana Parma on this beautiful story during these crazy times of pandemic.“-Thank you all that helped and made this possible. It is also a pleasure to have such a wonderful and powerful original score by Juan Cruz Masotta”.

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