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A Native American family confronts the harsh reality of being split apart from their daughters.

0ef9a24b34 headshotDirector Biography – Michelle Hernandez

Michelle Hernandez is a Native American and Latino filmmaker and photographer. She is of Mayan descent and a Wiyot tribal member who grew up on the Table Bluff Reservation. Michelle’s currently wrapping up her Masters of Fine Arts degree in Film and Electronic Media at American University in Washington, D.C.. Before that, Michelle received her B.A. at Humboldt State University in both Film and Native American Studies. Many of Michelle’s work focuses on the importance of culture, traditions, and identity, as well as dealing with Native American and Latino subjects. With her work, Michelle wants to give voice to stores that help breakdown stereotypes. Her latest project is the short historical fiction film ‘Douk’ that focuses on the taking of Native children to boarding schools throughout the United States.

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